Posted by: Imaanstar - 1. September - 2006 20:00

Salaam all, Guestbook is down because of spammers! Walaikum Asalam

Posted by: Ana ul Haqq - 3. July - 2006 06:03

Jazakallahu Khair May Allah reward u for this righteous work

Posted by: bakka's friend - 25. June - 2006 09:06

You can get tafsir ibn kathir here: I trust you can't afford it, or you have the collection already and this makes it easier for you to search the material :) get the version on the bottom of the page [english only]. the arabic one has errors remember.

Posted by: Um Abdullah - 25. June - 2006 08:04

asalamu aleykum i have advertised your site on all the discussions forums i visit as it is most beneficial. Mashallah great job. May Allaah reward in good for all your efforts. amin Pity that ibn Kathir cannot be downloaded anymore. i know so many people who cannot afford the books.

Posted by: Muhammad al-Almaanii - 18. June - 2006 08:42

you have very good programs on your site, they are very useful. baarak allaahu fiikum.