Posted by: Qazafi - 31. May - 2006 16:46

Thx for reply ..I am not good with cutting stuff , still I'll try if u knw any software which can do it easily ..Let me knw , Insha'ALlah i'll try ..Jazak'Allah

Posted by: Qazafi - 30. May - 2006 23:03

Asalamualikum I am just wondering I have Juzz Ama With Color Coded (Tajweed style) Scanned and also all rules we all need to knw to recite well , i am wondering if i can send u guys and u can take a look .........if it's possible if we add to in the software , will make this software more useful ........Alhamdulilah with the help of ALLAH this g8 software helped me a lot ........Keep Doign G8 work ..Jazaka'Allah

ImaanStar answers:
Walaikum Asalam, if you can cut each aya out and make an image for each aya, we can add it easily inshallah!

Posted by: amatullah - 30. May - 2006 19:40

Asalamualaikum, masha Allaah great stuff on this website. may Allaah reward you for all the effort. looking forward to see more great programs. i wanted to download the tafsir ibn kathir so much but its not availible anymore. anyway. takecare. wasalamualaikum.

Posted by: Anonymous - 11. May - 2006 20:02

Assalaamu 'alaikum, JazakAllah khair for your noble efforts brother. InshaAllah we will add your ebooks & software soon to our site. Keep up the good work! MashaAllah. Assalaamu 'alaikum.

Posted by: Saalim Alvi - 10. May - 2006 01:26

AsSalaamu alaikum wr wb, Jazakallaah for all your effort. This is really an excellent work towards the deen of Allaah. Wassalaam, -Saalim Alvi