Posted by: riza - 9. May - 2006 12:19

Assalamu alaikum. This is really a great and excellent work! It's very user's friendly. You have helped millions of muslims all over the world. May Allah SWT gives rewards to you and your family. Amien

Posted by: hads2006 - 9. May - 2006 12:18

Jazak'Allah khairan for your excellent work brother. May Allah reward you, and guide us all to the straight way.

Posted by: MM - 9. May - 2006 12:18

Mashallah, the Juz 30 program is really nice and I found it v. useful. Most commands are intutive. The help section explains the rest well. Jazakallah. If possible include pronouciation guide in help section at a future time. MM

Posted by: Shiraz - 9. May - 2006 12:18

Very good work, may Allah reward you with the best of imman, health and wealth. May every moumin muslim take advantage of your site and benifit himself. Once again I pray to almighty Allah to bless all those who are involved in this work, Aameen.

Posted by: Um Fahd - 9. May - 2006 12:17

assalamu alaykum excellent site ! Keep up the good work.. may Allah reward you for ur efforts. ur sister in Islam