Posted by: imaanstar - 9. May - 2006 12:17

ismail download the file directly, just click on the tafsir download now link.

Posted by: Ismail Ravat - 9. May - 2006 12:17

Peace I tried to download tafseer but the downloader tells me that there is no file exists with that name. wassalaam

Posted by: Toronto - 9. May - 2006 12:16

Jazak'Allah Khairun for your hard work akhi.... It really is appreciated! Ma'Salaam

Posted by: ImaanStar - 9. May - 2006 12:16

I'll need some testers to test the Juz30 software to get rid of the bugs and problems before I publically make it available.

Posted by: Haroon - 9. May - 2006 12:16

Jazakamullah khair for the hardwork. Excellent. I'm so eager for the juz 30 program to be released!!!! any idea of when it will be???