Posted by: vaseem - 9. May - 2006 12:15

Assalamualaikum, Jazakallah khair for creating this very easy to use website with a wealth of information on your fingertips. salamualaikum.

Posted by: Saif ur-Rehman - 9. May - 2006 12:15

Assalam alaikum, Masha'Allah, very good site. May Allah (swt) reward greatly in this life but most importantly 'The Life Hereafter'. Keep up the good work! Allah Hafiz

Posted by: mms - 9. May - 2006 12:15

As-Salaamu alaikum, JazaakAllahu khairan.

Posted by: - 9. May - 2006 12:14

Assallamu Alaikum, Masha'Allah.. May Allah(Swt) reward you for your time and effort.. Great site, with great content.. Keep up the good work..:thumbsup: Wa alaikum assallam Admin

Posted by: B - 9. May - 2006 12:14

Keep it up, may Allah reward u aameen. looking forward to seeing more useful things here