Posted by: Nermin - 13. June - 2006 11:05

mash-allah..Keep up the good work!!! These Qoran program is just what I need...thanx! my allah bles you all!

Posted by: mm - 7. June - 2006 22:32

Jazakallah. Good idea dropping persian script... the arabic script is very clear to people used to persian script.

Posted by: selim - 4. June - 2006 19:57

This program is exactly what I\'ve been looking for. May Allah bless you all.

Posted by: Maryam - 1. June - 2006 07:06

As salamu aleykum wa RahmatuLlah, Jazaak Allahu ghairun for this nice program!! Insha'Allah many people will benefit from this, so you will gain many hasanaat Insha'Allah. Wa salamu aleykum, Maryam

Posted by: qazafi - 31. May - 2006 17:14

I am using photoshop...after cutting each individual Aya..what the pixel/inches size has to be for each verse...jazakaAllah brother...sorry to keep bothering u.... :-)

ImaanStar answers:
They can be any size, i'll resize them when you are done. Jazakallah for the great work! I used when i did the persian arabic cropping. It is pretty nice.