Welcome to the Imaanstar Archives

Salaam, this site is an archive of some of Imaanstar’s classic software and books. Instead of letting this site go down and disappear, I am leaving downloadable links for all to memorize Quran and read Hadith. Enjoy!

Juz30 is a software for Windows to help breakdown the memorization of Quran. It has many features. View the Juz30 page for more info.

Quran CD/MP3 Maker is a software for Windows which creates MP3’s based on you want to break down ayas (with repetition, pauses)

We also have a variety of Ebooks that open in Windows such as Quran and Hadith.

We have a variety of printable Dua cards that you can print and cut out to practice memorizing / reciting Duas.

NOTE: This website is currently work in progress. Please be patient as we transition to this new site and check back daily for new content!

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